Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Weekend down south

So on Saturday I went down to Dunsborough for my cousin's birthday celebrations. We stayed in the most amazing houses, it was like our own little OC, swimming pools, tennis courts, three story houses over looking the beach, it was amazing.

At 11am Saturday morning about 30 of us pilled into a coach and off we went to Margaret River.

The theme of the day was wigs! So everyone had to wear a wig.

Here is a pic of me and the boy posing in our wigs.. I attempted the Marilyn look while he went for the more hardcore rocker look haha

We went to two breweries, the first being the Colonial Brewery in Margaret River. I really liked the atmosphere here and the food was great, I had the peri peri chicken pizza for lunch it was delicious. Being a brewery and being one of those people that don’t actually drink beer, I was on the cider. They have a cider called Scrumpy, Custard Cider, you can either have it plain or infused with ginger. I tried both, the ginger one was nice, but it would get sickening quite quickly so I stuck to the plain one ((http://www.colonialbrewingco.com.au/brewery).

The second brewery that we went to was the Bootleg Brewery. This was lots of fun, we grabbed pints, sat out on picnic tables over looking a lake in the sun and taking silly photos ((http://www.bootlegbrewery.com.au/).

Both breweries were really family friendly with play equipment for the kids and large areas to kick a ball etc. but at the same time were great for a group of 30ish 20 something year olds running around like crazy wearing wigs!!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!



  1. Custard Cider? That sounds very interesting!!!

    Love the idea of "wigs" being a theme! haha you look great


    1. It's a great theme hey, not quite going all out and dressing up, but still fun! Haha thanks x

  2. Hey Rachel,
    I nominated you for the liebster blog award, check it out to see what you should do next! :-)

  3. I LOVE that I've found another WA blogger:D I've been to both of those places so many times, definitely favourites! My parents have just moved down there so heading down this weekend.

    How good is the giant jenga at Bootleg lol:)

    1. Haha I know right! Aw lucky - I love it down there!

      A group of people near us were playing it - so funny to watch :)