Monday, 25 June 2012

Busy weekend!

I was so busy yesterday I didn't have a chance to blog about the weekend.

The weekend was hectic, felt like I didn’t stop once.

Friday night:

Mexican Kitchen in Fremantle
Benny's Bar for Cocktails
Fremantle Prison night tour



Slept in (ahhhhh was amazing)
Worked at the restaurant
Girlfriends birthday party
Danced my bum off at Capital with the girls

Slept in again
Little bit of cleaning/washing
Worked at the restaurant
Rusticos Tapas Bar with the boy and my ladies

Notice there is absolutely no shopping in there - I am so poor this week, seriously hanging out for pay day!

Hope everyone had a fab weekend!


Thursday, 21 June 2012


I had been receiving emails from Mimco all week about their massive sale that was going on, so off to Harbour Town I went..

This beauty was $399 down to $199 AND I had a gift voucher that I was saving for $130. Yay! Hello new amazing handbag for $69!  

I also signed up to the "Mimcollect" group that they offer, giving me $20 off my next purchase - I know it's only $20 but with the huge sale that they are having at the moment its great!  

Jump on line and have a look


Mary Kate and Ashley

Has anyone read this book?

I am just waiting for pay day to put my order in on Amazon.

Another item officially added to my payday wish list.

Hopefully it will be a good read :)

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Week Night Antics

Last night after dinner and wine with some friends that I lived with in London we made our way to The Bird on William Street.

I must admit that my memory is slightly hazy as I had consumed an entire bottle of red wine at dinner, but I really liked it there.  

I definitely want to go back, it was this small, funky little bar with a DJ and it just had a really cosy feel about it. Would be interested to see what it is like on a Friday or Saturday night!

I was just going through my phone just then as I recall taking photos of the venue to put up on here, however, due to the wine and then cider consumption they all are extremely blurred and crap haha.

The only photo worth showing is a collage of the walls in the toilets, little bit creepy that when you are on the toilet all the faces are looking down at you.

The other two pics are just me posing on the drunken train ride with the boyfriend.

Friday tomorrow <3

Drunk kids!

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Dinner date!

Ok so going back to Thursday of last week.

The boy and I went out for dinner to Sandrinos, in Fremantle. This has been one of my favourite restaurants for years. I had my 21st birthday dinner there and spent many other occasions there sipping red wine and eating amazing Italian food.

We ate so much food, we skipped the entree as our entree was beer and cider across the road at the Newport Hotel before dinner haha. I ordered an amazing pasta it was the Gamberi Fettuccine with pan fried prawns, onion, garlic, basil, sun dried tomato, pesto in a white wine cream sauce. Let me tell you it was to die for. I love pasta, it is deffinatly one of my favourite meals!

The boy ordered pizza topped with ham, mushroom, artichoke and olives we also asked for an extra topping of chorizo! So yummy!

A bowl of fries and a Greek salad were also ordered along with a lovely bottle of merlot to wash it all down with.

If you are in Perth and ever head out for a meal in Fremantle try Sandrinos - it will not disappoint.

All in all, was a lovely date with the boy :D

Here are a couple of pics from the evening!  

Thursday, 14 June 2012

It's nearly Friday! Weee

Tonight is date night with the boy, it's lame how excited I am about tonight! Last week was so busy with party planning/gym etc. We hardly got to hang out! So tonight we are going to our favourite Italian restaurant in Fremantle for pizza and wine!

At lunch I went on a bargin hunting mini shopping spree.

Target have 40% off Maybelline products - I brought a new mascara and new blush. I also got a new hand cream for my desk at work for $3.30!  

Monday, 11 June 2012

Winter Wonderland

So I'm going to start with the weekend just gone, as it was an amazing weekend!

I live with my cousin and our birthdays are only a couple of weeks apart, I turned 24 a couple of weeks ago and she turns 22 tomorrow. We decided to have a joint birthday party at our house with the theme Winter Wonderland, and everyone had to dress up, I decided to go as a snowman. 
We spent the week prior cutting out 86 snow flakes, tracing them onto card, glittering both sides, cutting out penguins, arranging party lights, a bubble machine, smoke machine, balloons, costumes, slushy machines, food, drinks etc. It was a hectic week and every night was spent preparing for the party.

Saturday, the day of the party finally arrived and we were very excited, tired and over cutting out snowflakes, but we spent the day setting up with the help of some amazing friends.

Costumes were put on, make up was done, food was put out, punch was made, people started arriving and we were ready to party.

The night was amazing, no dramas, nothing broken (accept for a couple of wine glasses of course), no complaints from the neighbours or the police! So all in all it was a great night. I didn’t take too many photos, however, my girlfriend had her camera with her all night, and I cant wait to see all the photos!

Here are a couple of photos that I posted on Instagram.


The Beginning

So I have decided to start this blog as I find myself reading so many other blogs and thought hey, I want to write my own.

So here it is a little background on myself:

I am 24 years old
I live in Perth with my boyfriend Sam and cousin
I am a legal secretary and have been since I left school
I lived in London for 11 months last year and loved it!
I'm your typical 20 something girl, I love clothes, shoes, shopping, hanging out with family & friends and drinking wine etc.

I think that sums me up pretty well.

Feel free to follow me on Instagram (I'm sadly addicted).