Thursday, 14 June 2012

It's nearly Friday! Weee

Tonight is date night with the boy, it's lame how excited I am about tonight! Last week was so busy with party planning/gym etc. We hardly got to hang out! So tonight we are going to our favourite Italian restaurant in Fremantle for pizza and wine!

At lunch I went on a bargin hunting mini shopping spree.

Target have 40% off Maybelline products - I brought a new mascara and new blush. I also got a new hand cream for my desk at work for $3.30!  


  1. 40%?! That's ridiculous! The One by One mascara is pretty good. I don't know about the blush, but I have the bronzer in the same range and it's pretty sweet. x

    1. Pretty good sale hey! The mascara is amazing, I love it, and it smells nice too (I have never had a mascara that smells nice before haha)

  2. Nice deals.. I love that hand cream!