Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Week Night Antics

Last night after dinner and wine with some friends that I lived with in London we made our way to The Bird on William Street.

I must admit that my memory is slightly hazy as I had consumed an entire bottle of red wine at dinner, but I really liked it there.  

I definitely want to go back, it was this small, funky little bar with a DJ and it just had a really cosy feel about it. Would be interested to see what it is like on a Friday or Saturday night!

I was just going through my phone just then as I recall taking photos of the venue to put up on here, however, due to the wine and then cider consumption they all are extremely blurred and crap haha.

The only photo worth showing is a collage of the walls in the toilets, little bit creepy that when you are on the toilet all the faces are looking down at you.

The other two pics are just me posing on the drunken train ride with the boyfriend.

Friday tomorrow <3

Drunk kids!

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